October 18, 2019

Is Internet a Boon or Curse to Peoples Health?

The use and dependence of modern society people on internet increases day by day. It has become an indispensible element in the modern life. All the communication processes are now possible through internet. But it is a matter of concern that whether these advantages of internet can give severe harmful effects in turn. The health of the people who continuously use internet are prone to certain mental and physical damages. Being unaware of these facts, people continue to use internet by giving it unnecessary importance. People tend to live in the virtual world more happily than the real world.

The radiations emitted from the electronic gadgets can cause many health problems. One of the features of this kind of problems is that they are silent killers. No symptoms or sign of possession of such ailments will be shown in the body of the affected. But, when the person realizes, it will be too late to recover. The subtle ways of impact on physical health is the major problem of continuous use of electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops etc. The mental health is also affected adversely by the overuse of internet. It includes obsession, control disorder (impulse), addiction and many more.

The proper use of internet do not aid for any kind of this diseases. There can be many preventive measures taken by the internet users. It includes using a pad between the lap and laptops to reduce the radiations, using of earphones while calling through a mobile phone and using spectacles to avoid eye problems. The mental health can be protected by scheduling the time to use internet or distinguishing the necessary uses from unwanted or leisure uses of internet.  Depending other media’s like televisions, radios for entertainment can also help to decrease the tendency to addiction to internet.

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