October 18, 2019

Measures to Upgrade Family Values

Human beings are different from other animals because of his ability to think. He expresses love, care and affection towards the other humans. Family is the institution where a person learns how to be a human being. Parents teach a kid how to behave with others. The dos and don’ts are practiced and learned from the family. The outrage of technology deprives the values which man learns from man. Today the society reached in such a situation in which the values are lost and a severe depreciation has taken place in the compassion to others.

It has been high time to take some steps against the value depreciation in the families which eventually affects the society. The primary step is to improve the quality of education. As you saw, so shall you reap. If proper value based education is given to the children, it is the most powerful method to upgrade the family values in the upcoming generations. Parents and teachers should work together to build up the foundation which is unbreakable by any external forces. The development of each individual should be on the sane foundation. This can make the coming days more beautiful. For that, the preachers should be the models.

Antisocial activities should be strongly opposed with stringent legislative measures. The one who does a public wrong which is detrimental to the social values should be given strict punishments by the judicial system in the country. The benefit of this measure is prevention of further wrong by the people who have tendency. Because, the rigorous punishments prevent them which is a cost effective measure too.

All the wrongful activities should be opposed by the public also which is possible through proper education and awareness campaigns. The overuse of internet and social media which is a reason for the deduction of interpersonal relationships in families should also be taken proper care. This will help to save the present generation.

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