June 27, 2019

Objectives of Sales Management

The directions and planning used to apply on the sales workforce which make them capable of achieving the goals of organization is called as sales management. The resources in an organization are controlled and utilized is such a manner to easily achieve the goals. The sales force is trained to get the capability to solve the problems related to customers. Maintenance of amicable relationships with the customers is an inevitable strategy of present business world. All the units in an organization are effectively connected with the sales force through the flawless communication system maintained by the sales managers.

Being one of the important marketing function sales management fuels the efficient personal selling activities. Major assignments of sales improvement are developed by the team which aims at profit maximization. It also includes all the activities related to the management of sales force employees like recruitment, selection, supervision, motivation and evaluation of performances. The consequences of sales management activities are long-term. Nevertheless, the activities must be customer oriented as well as profit directed which can only be achieved with the help of coordination of other organizational units. The main objectives of sales management are increasing sales volume, contribution to profits and continuing growth. The sales executives play the role of guide who has to manage both the sales personnel and the middlemen.

The future course of operations for the company and the delegation of authority at the lower levels have to be framed by the sales management. The targets of sales volume are also set by the same. It is a general fact that sales management, salesmanship and personal selling are inter-related. Salesmanship directs the effort of personal selling activities which in turn implemented through salesmanship. The ability of a sales person to manage and educate customers using his knowledge and preparation can only aid to create better relations with the customers. The satisfaction of customers is as important as profit maximization.

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