October 18, 2019

What Impact Advertising has on Economy?

The attractive advertising strategies used by the companies make the customers to buy a particular product. The influence of advertisements on the attitude of people is very drastic. Hence, the present world of business is completely dependent on the advertisements on different medias. The development of communication media fuels for the scope of advertising. The earliest form of advertising is word of mouth. But, today also the power of this form has not been reduced. It can either destroy or nourish the reputation of a company. The difference of modern advertising methods is that they have the element of creativity and promotion mix.

The every segment of life of a common man is covered by advertising. It is a fact that the effect of advertising extents to the common sense of a man. Advertisement becomes the strong reason for the buying motive of a purchase. The national income of a country can also be increased by advertising. The process of advertising is never ending which continuously gives information about the product and its features. The nature of the advertising is only getting changed which is done with an objective of avoiding boredom. The high repetition can bring fatigue and a tendency for viewers to skip it.

The perception level of advertising by each individual can only determine whether it is a boon or curse. Since it adds value to products and educates people it can be considered as a boon. The confidence and morale is also built among the customers by ads. On the other hand, the desire for wrong things and private luxuries tendency is also created by advertising. The hike in customer expectation affects the demand of the product adversely. Thus, the way how an individual get effected by an add can only determine the effectiveness. However, the habit of a society can be easily changed by the proper advertising strategies.

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