October 18, 2019

What Strategies can be Applied in Personal Selling Services?

The process of selling a product or service to a prospective customer through face to face interaction can be termed as personal selling. The proper research on the customer behavior can only enable the salesperson to attract the attention and generate an interest in the customer in front of him. The relationship built with the customers using the personal skills, knowledge and qualifications of a salesperson can be an effective measure. Personal selling is one of the promotional tools which play important roles in industrial and manufacturing firms. The strategies applied on personal selling activities vary from firm to firm.

However, it is one of the oldest methods of promotion. The push and pull strategies are commonly used with the support of whole sales force. Since the market forces and the consumer behavior have been changed due to the influence of technological developments, the strategies used are also changed. The products are manufactured with an aim to satisfy the need of customers. The prime concern in the personal selling should be the increase of sales correspondent to the feedback from customers. The corrective measures can be taken to improve the performance level. The time spent with a customer can be reduced by increasing the knowledge about company, growth status, the strength and weakness and finally the marketing goals.

Another strategy is the motivation given to the salesperson. The utmost capacity of a salesperson must be utilized to sell a product. This is only possible by carrying out proper motivational strategies. This is possible through either financial measures or non financial measures. Monetary compensation in the form of salary, incentives, bonus is given in the former and higher position, security, comfort ability is given in the latter. Nevertheless, the salesperson should be properly trained to know when and how to apply the personal selling measures to the customer to get desired outcome.

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